Gripple® T-Clip

Applications and Features

Gripple T-Clips are a great alternative to tying off wire around strainer posts without the need for knots, saving both time and labour.

  • Ideal for use on prefabricated fencing and plain wire
  • Recommended for use on round posts
  • The T-Clip can be used at either end of the fence line to tie-off wire
  • Wrap your wire around a strainer post, pull the wire through the Gripple T-Clip and pull tight around the post
  • No need for twisting, knots or staples
  • Allows consistent replication and is up to 5 times faster than a manual tie-off
Product Wire Diameter (mm)  Max. Working Load (kg/kN) Application Suitable Waratah Products
Gripple T-Clip
Tie off at strainer post*
All fence wire & prefabricated wire between 1.80mm-3.25mm (except netting)

* Recommended for use on round posts

Download: Gripple T-Clip Brochure

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