Viticulture & Trellising

Waratah manufactures a specific range of products suited to the viticulture and trellising industry.

Gripfast® trellis posts are designed to be used within the rows to support the weight of the grapes and keep the trellis wire at the desired height.

Growire® trellis wires are a purpose designed and manufactured range of wires for the viticulture industry. Available in 2.65mm, 2.85mm and 3.15mm to suit varying loads and applications, a 2.00mm dripper wire is also available for attaching dripper lines near the base of the trellis assembly. A 2.00mm tomato wire is also available.

Use the links below to navigate to a specific product group for more information:

Gripfast® Trellis Posts

Growire® Trellis Wire