Building a Fence

With over 125 years’ experience in rural fence construction, we’re more than happy to share with you everything we’ve learnt to help you build a quality fence.

For users looking to find help on how to build a fence or how to use specific Waratah accessories, we have a hints and tips section that will demonstrate the steps involved in a logical manner (through the use of video and insitu images) in erecting a solid, long lasting Waratah fence. For a list of hints and tips available click on either of the links below:

 Fence Construction Tips 

 Fence Construction Tips Videos

 Tools and Accessories Tips

Alternately, if you already know the specific topic you are looking to get help on, you can go directly to the specific hints and tips details pages by clicking on one of the options below:

Fence Construction Tips

 Designing Your Fence

 Building Your Fence

 Maintaining Your Fence

 O.U.T™ - Over Under Through

 Feral Fencing

 Rabbit Proof Fence Design

 Anchoring Waratah Posts in Hilly Country  

Fence Construction Tips Videos

 Clearing the Fence Line

 How to install posts using a sight wire

Tools and Accessories Tips

 Barbed Wire Reel Lifter

 Three-Way Wire Spinner

 Wedgelock Clamp

 Wizard Wire Strainer