Protect Your Farming Investment

Waratah’s product range has been designed to make fencing easier, faster and cost effective. The innovative range of products can be tailored suit a range of applications or conditions across rural Australia. Specifically, exclusion fences aim to prevent feral animals from accessing properties.

Whether you are installing a fence to prevent animals burrowing, jumping, climbing over or going through the fence, Waratah has the right products for your exclusion fencing needs.

Get a fence that makes sense! Choose the Waratah Fencing System™ - Waratah’s posts, wire and accessories work
together effectively to create a fence that lasts longer, performs better and costs less in the long run. You may think combining
premium and cheap fencing products won’t cause problems, but inferior parts can quickly corrode and weaken your entire
fence. After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.




For a quality fence that is as long lasting as it is attractive, always use Waratah Longlife® Blue colour® fence wire. Its
protective coating makes it last at least 9 times longer than standard galvanized wire and at least 1.5 times longer than
heavily galvanized wire, which means minimal fence maintenance and a quality fence line when used in conjunction with
all elements of the Waratah Fencing System.



Fence posts are key to a fence’s strength and longevity. Waratah’s grade specific steel posts have superior quality,
strength, resilience and are hot dipped galvanized which ensures that the post doesn’t develop rust when in contact
with Waratah Longlife Blue wire. Some inferior fence posts rust easily in corrosive environments, degrade fence wire
prematurely, or are weaker, which requires them to be spaced closer together, which all adds significant cost and time
when installing and maintaining your fence.



Using Waratah’s range of market-leading, innovative accessories will save you time and money in both constructing
and maintaining your fence over time. Strainer assemblies, tools and other accessory products like Gripple® wire joiners
are critical in any fence line. You don’t need to be a professional to do a professional job. All you need are the right
accessories and tools to get the job done.

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