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Waratah 2016-17 Catalogue - Our range, your fence

The Waratah® range of products have been designed to make fencing easier, faster and more cost effective over the life of your fence.

This section of the catalogue provides Waratah product information and specifications. It will also introduce the three key elements that form the Waratah Fencing System – Posts, Wire and Accessories.

Waratah 2016-17 Catalogue - Build a better fence

The Waratah® range of products have been designed to make fencing easier, faster and more cost effective over the life of your fence.

This section of the catalogue provides tips on building a better fence and showcases some common fence designs.

Waratah Flood Post Brochure

The Waratah flood post is an innovative and unique solution that can help protect fences and livestock in flood prone areas during wet weather events.

The JIO range Brochure

Waratah® is pleased to announce the launch of our exciting range of JIO™ Star® posts, JIO MaxY® posts and JIO Longlife® fence post clips! Download this brochure to find out more!

JIO fence post clips Installation Guide

This installation guide will help you to learn the correct way in which to install the JIO Longlife fence post clips onto the JIO range of Star and MaxY posts.

Strainer Assemblies Brochure

Effective strainer post assemblies help improve the life of your fence by carrying the strain of the wire and absorbing impact from animals

Stocksafe-T for Feral Brochure

Stocksafe-T is a range of prefabricated wire fence products that can provide an effective barrier against feral animals, such as wild dogs, pigs, wallabies and kangaroos.

Stocksafe-T with Apron for Feral Brochure

Stocksafe-T has been designed for feral animal control, but can also be used for many other rural applications.

Stocksafe-T for Horses Brochure

Stocksafe-T for horses is a prefabricated wire fence product designed to keep horses safely contained and keep unwanted animals out.

Stockgrip Brochure

Stockgrip is a prefabricated wire fence product designed for longer spans and suspension fencing.

Gripple T-Clip Brochure

The Gripple T-Clip is the new way to tie-off wire around a strainer post and eliminates the need for knotting - saving you time and labour when building a fence.

Gripple Plus Range Brochure

Everything you need to know about the Gripple Plus wire joiners that make joining and tensioning your wire quick and easy.

H-Post / Anchor-Fast Brochure

The H-Post/Anchor-Fast kit contains a wire rope and joiner and can be used as a wire brace or tie-back product.

Roofsafe Mesh Brochure

Roofsafe Safety Mesh offers long term protection for workers.

Cut Length Tie Wire Brochure

Waratah cut length tie wire is an ideal alternative to manually cutting lengths of tie wire for securing fencing wire to posts.

Thumpa Post Driver Brochure

Drive Waratah® steel posts into virtually any terrain faster than a manual driver using the air powered Thumpa® pneumatic post driver.

Ringmaster Clip Gun Brochure

The Waratah Ringmaster pneumatic clip gun is a fast way to secure clips to fence wires reducing physical effort and increasing the number of clips that can be installed per hour.

GalStar MaxY Brochure

When you need a post to do more you need more than a steel post - you need Waratah's GalStar MaxY. GalStar MaxY is built bigger to withstand high-pressure load situations.

Viticulture Catalogue

This catalogue will give you a brief introduction to the wide range of Waratah trellising products that will make the job of trellising faster, easier and more effective.