A good looking farm deserves a good looking fence - 8 April 2014

A farmer’s fence should not only be tough and durable, but look good too. 

Fortunately for Yorke Peninsula farmer Jamie Koennecke, who runs a mixture of 180 Red Poll and Black Angus cattle in a self-replacing herd, his brand new Waratah fence is quite easy on the eye. 

“It’s more aesthetically pleasing than the pine posts we had in before. It’s uniform, less obvious and certainly not an eyesore, unlike the old fence,” he said. 

“We’re surrounded by some beautiful country here in Warooka, and we find that a steel fence doesn’t impact the visibility of the natural flora as much as the pine posts.” 

But with the coast, comes salty air. And while looks are important, it’s vital that Mr Koennecke has the right fence to stand up to the conditions. 

“As the crow flies, we’re only four kilometres from the coast. Waratah’s products, like the JIO posts and Longlife wire are very well galvanised and I’m sure will last a long time in this climate,” he said. 

Mr Koennecke has recently made the switch back to Waratah products after using pine posts for a number of years. 

He says he’s amazed at the difference it makes to the ease of installation, putting up a fence of Waratah’s JIO Star (165cm) and JIO MaxY (180cm) posts, with a ratio of 3:1. 

“You can spend ages digging holes for each individual pine post, but using the Waratah Thumpa Pneumatic Post Driver on the JIO posts is very time efficient and cost effective from a labour point of view,” he said. 

“On parts of our property there are layers of limestone, with rocks close to the soil surface, and the posts have also coped with that extremely well.” 

While it’s only early days, Mr Koennecke is confident that the Stocklock 7/90/30 fence equipped with 1.80mm Longlife barb top and bottom will handle any pressure from cattle. 

“I put my trust in my Waratah rep Hayden Maher, who has told me about the increased ductility of the posts. If they bend from stock pressure, they will straighten easily without losing any strength,” he said. 

“I met Hayden at a Warooka fencing demonstration day earlier this year and found him to be very approachable. 

“He had the answers to all the questions thrown at him by our local inquisitive farmers.”