Don’t get bent out of shape with your fencing - 16 June 2014

Driving posts into rocky terrain can be challenging enough, but it’s even more frustrating when posts break under pressure and can’t be straightened without snapping.
Fencing contractor and grazier Ian McMaster understands the challenges of fencing in these conditions and knows all too well about the benefits of strong and ductile fencing products.
“It’s not the easiest country to fence around here. Basalt soil types can be a nightmare to drive posts in to,” he said.
Mr McMaster owns 800 hectares of grazing country and runs 150 head of Angus cattle in a self-replacing herd near Coolah, in the Warrumbungle region of New South Wales.

When he’s not tending to his own property, he’s busy installing fencelines on many other farms in the region along with fellow contractors Don Sievers and Saxon McGregor at Maccas’ Fencing.
“What started out as a part-time job for a few cockies looking for an extra buck during the drought has turned into four to five days a week of contracting,” he said.
“It’s going gangbusters now – we’re booked up to November this year.”
The three contractors, who are all farmers and good mates, agree that investing in quality is the key to efficient contracting.
“We’ve had issues in the past with cheap imported products, with a couple of posts in every hundred snapping when we’ve either driven them into the ground or tried to restraighten them,” Mr McMaster said.
“Replacing the broken posts is costly, and there are obviously labour costs as well.”
Mr McMaster needed a solution which would allow him to work more efficiently and keep costs down for clients. After consulting with his local store he made the switch to Waratah’s JIO Star posts which are more ductile, meaning they can be restraightened after impact.
“Since I made the switch 12 months ago, I’ve used more than two thousand posts and not had a single one snap."
Mr McMaster and his team work on properties ranging from 80 to 4000 hectares but he says regardless of the size of the job, reliable and easy to use products are a huge bonus.
When it comes to tying off fabricated fences, they use Waratah’s Gripple T-Clips, having worked out that the cost of the T-Clip is more than covered through the time it saves on labour. As a result, they haven’t looked back.
“If we strike a loose bit of fence, we can just strain the tension of the wire and then use the T-Clip to tie off the wire to the strainer. They make it a lot easier for us,” Mr McMaster said.