Don’t think twice, use Longlife® - 5 May 2014

Contractor Kelly Smith has been working in rural industries his entire life and understands the importance of having fencing products which are efficient to erect and can withstand varying climate conditions. 

Being based in Collarenebri in north western New South Wales, much of the work he does is in areas prone to flooding and acidic soils, making the durability of the fencing products a high priority. 

Using quality products can also save Mr Smith a massive amount of time and labour costs. 

“If I was driving in 500 posts of anything besides Waratah the job would take me two days. Other posts would snap if they had to be straightened or moved and the hole spacings vary so much they wouldn’t match the fabricated fence products. 

“Waratah posts are flexible and can bend without snapping, so I can get the job done in a day.” 

Mr Smith’s also been impressed with the strength of Waratah’s Longlife products and JIO posts along waterways. 

“The 2.5mm Waratah Longlife Iowa barb takes very well to water and can be put up across a creek. 

“When the debris floats through and gets stuck on the fence, I can just unclip or cut the barb and re-run the wire. 

“The Longlife products are essential in conditions like these because of the high corrosion and fences sitting in the water for extended periods of time.” 

Kelly works closely with his local Waratah rep Dougall Roberts, to make sure he is using the right products for his jobs. 

“I can give Dougall a call at any time, and he comes out and provides excellent advice. 

“We had some issues with South African bred sheep on a property based in the Walgett Shire. They tend to be a bit of an aggressive breed and we have had problems with fences trying to hold them in. 

“We used the Stocktite Longlife 7/90/30 fencing wire and have been the talk of the district since – the sheep haven’t got out.” 

Mr Smith lives by the motto ‘do it properly or don’t do it at all’ and that’s how he does his fencing. 

“Waratah and Waratah only; quite simply, I won’t use anything else.”