Quick, easy and long lasting fencing - 4 June 2014

Fencing used to be a long and laborious task for farmers like Bill Hotson, but these days it’s quick and easy.

Mr Hotson and his wife Lois run Angus cattle and grow cherries on their 460-hectare “Blue Springs” property at Chiltern in Victoria’s North East.

“I’ve been fencing on my property for over 40 years,” Mr Hotson said.

“It used to be labour intensive when I used concrete strainer assemblies – digging holes, lifting 40 kilograms at a time and mixing concrete. New materials and techniques are making it much easier.

“These days I am using Waratah’s Ezyslot® and Adjusta-stays® for the end assemblies which I can put up on my own in about 10 minutes.

“I use all Waratah galvanised steel posts with MaxY posts at 20 metre intervals and Galstar posts at four metres. Next time I will use the new JIO posts® with JIO Longlife post clips to further reduce time in running and attaching wires.

“Reducing labour was a consideration and I have been impressed by how much time these materials have saved me.”

Mr Hotson worked with McNamara’s Country Store at Rutherglen to work out the fencing materials that were best suited to his property, which has some undulating country, but is mostly flat with some flood prone areas.   

“I’ve constructed fences with three barbed wires at the top and then three plain wires which I found won’t catch the rubbish so will better withstand floods than the alternatives,” he said.

“There are cheaper options out there, but I’ve found Waratah lasts longer, the wire has a better coating and the posts don’t break.

“The fences look good, are completely stock proof and should last a lifetime with little if any maintenance. The fences are a wonderful investment on the property.”