Time management is no Hassell for this family - 9 January 2015

After one too many trips into the neighbour’s paddocks to get his sheep, Pingelly farmer John Hassell decided it was time for new fences on the property that he and wife Michelle had bought a few years previously.
The Hassells own a 1200 hectare mixed farming operation in the Western Australian wheatbelt, running 4000 Merinos and a few head of cattle, and growing wheat, oats, barley, canola and lupins. 

“Like most farmers, we are very busy people and we need to know we’re not going to spend all of our spare time fixing fences,” Mr Hassell said.
“We now have fences in place that will outlast us, and when we leave the place to the kids it will be their problem!
“Our neighbours are just as happy, because none of us wanted our sheep migrating between the two properties due to our old and tired fenceline.”

The Hassells used imported materials early on, but soon ran into problems.
“They were really light and rubbish. The posts would bend as soon as the livestock leaned on them,” Mr Hassell said.
“We learned a valuable lesson that spending a bit more up front will save us time and money in the long run, and means we’re not constantly monitoring the stock.”
As well as boundary fences, the Hassells have built a mini feedlot to manage their sheep during dry conditions.
“We’re using Waratah’s Jio® MaxY® posts in the holding yards at 2.5m intervals with Stocklock® prefabricated wire and 2.8mm high tensile Longlife® as the top wire,” he said.
“I’m really impressed with the high tensile wire – you can really strain it up. We’ve also been really impressed with the Jio clips, which make it very quick to put up a fence.
“The time it took to put up the fence was more than repaid in the time-saving by having the sheep in one place for feeding.
“It’s also more cost-effective than timber or steel post-and-rail fences and is holding the sheep just as well.
“Good fences make good neighbours, and we no longer worry about the sheep getting out when we’re away from the property.”