Fence Posts


The key to a fence’s strength and longevity, Waratah posts are the superior quality backbone to a better performing fence.

• All posts in the range work seamlessly with our wire and accessories for superior performance
• Effective strainer post assemblies help improve the life of your fence by carrying the strain of the wire and absorbing impact from animals
• Challenge your traditional fencing practices to discover the benefits of the complete Waratah Fencing System™.


Steel posts offer a number of advantages over both timber and concrete alternatives. When looking at steel post options it’s important to know that Waratah posts have superior quality in several key areas. Some fence posts can twist, bend or break when being driven into the ground, or are weaker, which requires them to be spaced closer together, which all adds significant cost and time when installing and maintaining your fence.

• Less labour required
• Less equipment needed
• Termite proof
• Improved performance against flood and or fire
• Easier to transport
• Long term low maintenance benefits
• OH&S friendly