Waratah turns 130 - the future of fencing - 31 March 2014

Waratah fencing, an Australian bush icon are very proud of our 130 year heritage, which has seen us become part of the landscape of farming in Australia.

When you buy Waratah wire and posts – you buy a wholy Australian made and owned icon, rather than a product that is packed and fabricated in Australia but manufactured from a mix of local and imported goods - a common practice for other brands in the market.

Like farmers, we toil the earth. Mining iron ore in South Australia.  Harvesting and recycling raw materials from around the country, seeding our steel mills to produce  quality  steel billet, yielding this into rod and bar before processing it into what we believe is the best quality wire and fence posts on the planet.

Our unwavering commitment to build better fences is based on our strong relationships with the Australian rural industry, and it is this commitment that will see us strengthen and maintain these relationships well into the future. 

Waratah has made a commitment to our customers to continue to invest in our people, our processes and our products as we move into the future..
Watch out for more articles to help bridge the gap between our Australian Factories and the Australian farm.

Waratah thanks all those who support and purchase our products for helping "Australia grow". As part of our 130 year birthday, Waratah will continue to communicate our good news stories, from our people in our Australian manufacturing facilities, to our techinical process improvements, where we continue to push the envelope and prodivde our customers with the best possible products available. We hope this will prove to you that Waratah truly are the future of fencing.