Our hearts go out to the thousands of fire affected Australians.

Waratah has always and continues to directly and indirectly support fire affected families, friends and businesses across Australia.

As this emergency has unfolded, we have returned staff from leave and rallied resources to ensure we can meet the needs of customers in fire affected locations. We are working with transport operators, when and where available, to ensure that local rural stores can quickly provide product to customers for emergency needs as the task of re-building commences over the weeks & months ahead.

Our staff are on the ground supporting local rural stores with expert advice, supply information and offers to assist now and into the future.

Please stay in touch with your local rural outlet as they work closely with you and Waratah to support your needs.

The Waratah team

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Here are some tips to consider when your ready to take on the task of rebuilding your fences after a fire has ripped through your property 

You're not alone

Even though it feels like you’ll never recover from this disaster, remember to seek help & advice from the people around you. Neighbors, your local rural distributor, fencing suppliers & volunteer organizations like BlazeAid #BlazeAid that have a focus on helping people get some basic fencing infrastructure in place.


Take a minute to plan

Don’t rush in & replace your lost fencing with the same design you previously had. Now is the time to work on ‘future proofing’ your property. There are so many fencing products available now & countless ways to design & install them. If you need help, contact your local rural distributor &/or a Waratah representative to talk through your options. 

How to design your fence

Don't use timber, plastic or concrete posts

If your fences had timber, plastic or concrete posts, they were probably wiped out, leaving just a tangled mess of wires. Consider the likelihood that fires are part of rural Australia and will happen again in the future. Installing steel posts can ensure that your fences are almost fire proof (excluding a raging inferno). 

" If we do have a fire again... we still have a fence" - Trent Howel


Click below to read Trent Howels story and more. 

Customer solutions

Steel posts are not strong enough

If you use timber posts because you think your average Star post is just not up to the task, then consider the following options. Jio Star posts are your standard in line HD galvanized posts that can be used almost everywhere. If you need a bit more strength & support in parts of you fence, consider the following timber alternatives: Jio MaxY is twice the size of a Jio Star & gives you increased ground holding, above ground strength & greater impact resistance - often used in a fence line as 1 Jio Maxy, then 3-4 Jio Stars configuration. If you need even more strength, consider using inline steel strainers, like Ezypipe or Ezyslot with Adjustable-stay - often used when a fence line changes direction, on top of hills, in gullies or just in the middle of a long straight line. 

Jio MaxY Posts

Can I reuse wire that's been in a fire?

In most cases the answer is no, but it is dependent-on the intensity of the heat generated by the fire & whether the wire was correctly tensioned when installed. When wire is heated under tension, it looses it’s elasticity and therefore it’s ability to be retensioned. Trying to retention fire damaged wire can lead to the wire snapping when installing or the next time the fence sustains an impact. The best & greenest option is to send fire damaged wire to a metal recycler, where it is then melted down - you may get some money for it and it does not end up in land fill. 

Read about Waratahs Longlife Blue Wire Technology Below:

Longlife Blue Wire

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Check out our Image Gallery with more photos of our fire proof fencing and the support we are giving with blazeaid.

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