Barbed Wire

Iowa Barbed Wire Longlife Blue®

  • Made from 2.50mm soft/low tensile wire in a continuous twist pattern.
  • Greater fire resistance than high tensile wires making it more effective in fire prone areas.
  • Easier to handle along the fence line than high tensile wire.
  • Continuous twist pattern locks the barbs in place to avoid any movement with stock pressure.
  • Consistent and closer barb spacing means more barbs for maximum stock pressure and security.
  • No join in the wire coil provides consistent strength along the length of the reel.
  • Used as a sight or bottom wire helps cope with added pressure from prime lambs and feral animals.
Diameter   2.50mm  
Breaking Strain   3.0kN  
Recommended Tension   1.3kN  
Reel Length   400m  


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