Waratah has the complete trellising solution for your needs.

Waratah has an innovative range of trellising and viticulture products that can actively help to save you time, labour and money

Waratah trellising products inherit the same values that helped the Waratah brand become a trusted name in fencing.    

Knowledge - over 135 years working within the industry, manufacturing quality products and solutions.

Availability - Products to suit your specifications & Conditions, at reputable distribution outlet.

Quality - stringent manufacturing processes & adherence to global quality standards.

Consistency - delivering products that perform consistently, every time.

Innovation - Investing in innovation is what makes Waratah a market leader.

Service - with the largest service &distribution network, support & advice is never far away.

Range - a wide range of products to meet your needs and budget.

A Waratah Trellis design possibilities.

   The Waratah trellising system components.

Waratah has the complete trellising solution to any of your trellising needs:

Posts The key to the strength and longevity of a Waratah Trellis system is the superior quality of Waratah posts and strainers. The steel post and strainer range is the ideal alternative to timber.

Wire - Using high-quality Longlife coated trellis wire will extend the life of your trellising system. All Longlife coated Waratah wire is made from grade specific Australian steel. 

Accessories - Market leading range of tools and accessories have been designed to complement your Waratah steel trellis system.

Product Choice

Poor-quality materials tend to perform inefficiently and result in significant repair and maintenance costs. The cost difference between ineffective materials and a high-quality steel that you get from Waratah will quickly outweigh on the cost of breakages, repairs and maintenance. 

Organic certified

Using a combination of Waratah posts, wire, strainers and stays will ensure that your trellis design ticks all the boxes to gain organic certification unlike treated timber posts, which are prohibited to be used on an organic property.


The profile of Waratah posts has been designed to lower the susceptibility of breakages from machinery. However, if replacement posts are required, a Waratah post is ideal as they can be sold to recyclers after their lifespan. Due to regulations, when treated timber posts need to be replaced they must be properly disposed of, which costs you money. 



The versatility of all Waratah’s products means that there is an effective solution available to suit your crop and conditions. In comparison to timber, Waratah steel posts are lighter and have a smaller profile. This means that all Waratah products can be handled by one person saving you labour costs, and with various wire attachments and post designs, installing a Waratah trellis system is quick and simple to do.

A new Blue Latch trellis post & Growire Longlife Blue trellis wire.

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