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Common mistakes limiting value of exclusion fences

A Veteran Fencing Contractor says the return of netting fencing is revitalising production options in inland areas, but warns that in some cases poor construction and inadequate maintenance standards may be limiting the potential benefits.

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Come Clean on your Biosecurity needs

While the movement of livestock is the most likely pathway for spreading animal diseases, pests, and weed throughout Australia, people, vehicles and equipment can also act as vectors for many endemic and exotic biosecurity threats.

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Feral Animal Eradication

Major destocking efforts began on the island in 2007 when the pastoral leaseholders removed about 4,000 sheep by barge. Along with destruction of about 2,000 goats during the previous two years, this was in preparation for the change in tenure from pastoral lease to national park...


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Farmers Band Together to Build 'Wall' Against Ferals and Roos

Fence us in! That was the response from 22 landholders in the western division, some of whom have contributed over $100,000 each to the biggest cluster exclusion fence in NSW.


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Planned Grazing and Wallaby-Proof Fencing Shows Promise – More Feed, Less Weeds! Text

Results from a grazing and wallaby exclusion trial on a farm in Geeveston are showing very promising results for improving farm productivity.


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Kangaroo Island Cat-Proof Fence Goes To The Council For Approval

The application for the feral cat fence, that will aid the ambitious Kangaroo Island Feral Cat Eradication Program - the largest of its kind in the world, has been submitted to the KI Council.  


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Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary Stage 1 Declared Feral-Free

WC’s ambitious project to restore central Australia’s lost biodiversity at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary has reached a new milestone – the eradication of all feral predators from the 9,400-hectare fenced area...


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NSW Farmers' Call For Exclusion Fencing Funding

They are competing with livestock for pasture, they are decimating crops and are causing havoc on highways - and farmers are fed up.

With kangaroos numbers "out of control" in many parts of NSW including the southern Riverina, farmers are calling for the State Government to fund kangaroo exclusion fencing...

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