Preventing Livestock and River Damage

The problem

Duncan found it difficult with his traditional timber & plain wire fence to protect sensitive river bank areas and remnant vegetation from damage by livestock. On other parts of the property, he wasn’t getting the maximum pasture utilisation for livestock and other parts of the boundary had a high risk of incursion from neighbours livestock and feral animals.

With the more recent threat of African Swine Fever (ASF) to the Australian Pork industry, this new fence could not have come at a better time. Biosecurity concerns have been heightened and the need to secure boundaries from neighbouring livestock and ferals is paramount!

Duncan had also noticed that his timber fence posts were not performing; “They only last about 4 years before breaking down at ground level”.

The solution

Before launching into buying any fencing products, Duncan contacted his local Waratah representative to come out and talk through some fence designs.

On the boundary they decided on Stocklock Longlife Blue 8/90/30, & teamed it with Jio Star & Jio MaxY posts in a 3-1 configuration, and for the lane ways where stock pressure was higher, Stocklock 8/90/15.

With all products made in Australia and Stocklock manufactured locally in Geelong, Duncan knew he was getting a fencing system well suited to the local area and his farming operation.

Mr Campbell also believes that these fences are built to last, “you can't replace your stock overnight, so the cost of your neighbours sheep bringing in any disease vs the cost of good quality fencing is incomparable”.

Replacing the fences has increased his stock rotation capabilities, “in the past when we didn’t have good fencing, the stock would get boxed and we didn’t put cattle out in other paddocks… now it is as stockproof as it could be”. Duncan now has a higher stock carrying capacity, peace of mind for stock security and is helping protect remnant vegetation along the river.

Advice for farmers, from farmers

“Write up a plan and consult your local Waratah representative - they have a heap of design suggestions that you can consider. Fence management is now so much easier and a fence like this should last you a long time”

“Wire and posts are cheap as an investment… it won’t take very long to raise the whole standard of your property up to virtually a fortress”

“The financial cost of treating biosecurity breaches can far outweigh the cost of a well designed fencing system”


Inverleigh, New South Wales

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