Wild Pigs Exclusion Fence

The Problem

Charter Towers producer Luke St. George from the St. George Rural Group was faced with a major problem. Each year he produces up to $650,000 of irrigated hay for drought-stricken farmers, however the increase of wild pigs has continued to cost thousands of dollars.

 “We have spent a considerable amount of money establishing our hay paddocks, so when you’re faced with mobs of up to 40 feral pigs that can wipe out up to two hectares in one night, you have a serious problem,” he said.

In addition to round bales, square bales and silage hay production, St. George Rural Group runs about 500 Droughtmaster Brahman cattle on their 1600ha property located 120km west of Townsville, on the Burdekin River in North Queensland. 

“With so many consecutive dry seasons up here, there’s a lot of demand for hay. Our bottom line is compromised by feral animals, as is the bottom line of our clients who desperately need hay for stock feed.”

The Solution

The installation of seven kilometres of Waratah fencing was erected to protect the 150 hectares of Rhodes Grass.

The fence uses 1.8m Jio® posts spaced every 4m. The wire fitted was 11/90/15 Stocksafe-T® Longlife® Blue, which has been specifically designed to prevent animals penetrating the fence. The rigid knots resist vertical wires from being separated, therefore ensuring larger pests such as pigs cannot over power the fence. An additional two runs of Longlife blue high tensile Barb was also added, the consistent and close barb spacing means more barbs for maximum stock pressure and extra security.

To simplify the installation of posts, a the Thumpa® Pneumatic Post Driver was used. The thumpa has an air-driven striking dolly, which does all the work for you. It saves significant time and manual handling costs.

“Knowing the feral pigs can’t get into either paddock gives us great peace of mind, especially when we are away from the farm. Since installing the Waratah 11/90/15 Stocksafe-T® Longlife® fence around both paddocks, they have been completely pig free.” Luke St George said.


Townsville, Queensland

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Products used

Barbed Wire

High Tensile Barbed Wire Longlife Blue®

Prefabricated Fencing

Stockgrip® Longlife Blue®

Jio® Posts

Jio® Star® Post


Thumpa® Pneumatic Post Driver