Image Gallery

Timber posts after fires

A fence line before the 2019/2020 bushfires

The same fenceline after the bushfires have run through

A Waratah Fencing System still standing after a substantial bushfire has gone through the property

A timber post burnt out after a fire that burned through Warrnambool

A timber post and rusted barbed wire from a fire in Warrnambool

An Ezypipe Strainer post & Adjusta-Stay being used to replace a burnt out timber strainer assembly Kangaroo Island SA

Damage done to a timber post at East gippsland.

Support at Kangaroo Island

Local SA Waratah representative, Ben Dean, helping Blazeaid rebuild fences.

Ross Lourie, National Sales Manager, down in SA helping out Blazeaid.

Local SA Waratah representative, Ben Dean, standing next to a newly rebuilt fence

Support at East Gippsland

Local Waratah Representative helping rebuild a fence line at East Gippsland

Blazeaid and waratah replacing a burnt out timber fence in East Gippsland

A new Jio Post being driven into the ground with a Waratah Post Driver

Kangaroo Island Fire Recovery

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