Waratah Longlife Blue wire fence droppers

Fence droppers have been around for decades and are well suited to plain & barbed wire fences to keep multiple line wires evenly spaced and to ‘rebound’ after being hit by animals.


“Waratah have been manufacturing droppers from steel strip for over 50 years and for many years customers have asked why we don’t make wire droppers using our world renowned Longlife Blue® colour wire”, said Ross Lourie, Waratah National Sales Manager.


Longlife Blue colour wire technology is the longest serving zinc/aluminium wire coating in Australia and is the only wire in Australia that contains an additional organic blue polymer layer. This wire technology is used to manufacture all Waratah wire droppers using a very high tensile Australian steel, which delivers the elastic properties needed for animal impacts.


The Waratah research & development team, based in Newcastle NSW, have been working on a Longlife Blue wire dropper range. Initially there will be 4 sizes offered: 61cm red dropper, 78cm black dropper, 91cm olive dropper, & a 104cm orange dropper. Each bundle contains 25 Longlife Blue wire droppers and there are 60 bundles per pallet


Waratah Longlife Blue wire droppers are available throughout Australia, so head to 'locate a distributor' to find your nearst stockist today! Alternitvely Contact our customer service for more information.

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