Fencing Accessories

Flood Post

  • An innovative and unique solution that can help protect fences and livestock in flood prone areas during wet weather events.  
  • Fill with water using the removable bung to set ballast at desired water level.  This allows the post to rise with the water level lifiting fence wires above floating debris, unlike traditional static fencing which would require expensive repairs.
  • Made from strong, durable, orange polyethylene which doesn’t rust making it easy to identify and UV/fade resistant.
  • Foot step for easy installation.
  • A versatile post having 11 stainless steel eyelets and slots for horse and electric fence tape.
  • Insulated post, can be used in electric fence application.
  • This unique floating fence system may be used in creek crossings, causeways, river beds, tidal waters and flood plains and generally requires little ongoing maintenance.
  • When water levels rise, the flood post is designed to rise with the water rather than collecting debris like traditional fencing which would require expensive repairs.

Length (top to ground): 1280mm
Length (total unit): 1630mm
Width: 320mm
Height: 375mm
Gross Weight (without ballast): 8.75kg

*Note: other components for installation sold separately


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