Three way Wire Spinner

  • Multi-purpose tool designed to dispense wire safely
  • Suitable for safely spinning out plain and barbed wire without tangling or over-running
  • Operates in a stationary position or as a 'hand cart' along the fence line
  • Double cradle wire spinners are also available for simultaneous dual coil payout

How to use a Waratah wire spinner

Step 1

Place one of the spindles into the centre hole of cross shaped base and secure underneath with bolt provided. Check that the holes in the spindles are facing the same direction as the shortest arms on the cross shaped base. Repeat this step for the outer spindle.

Step 2

Mount bottom cradle on centre spindle and insert wire coil. Remove any ties from the wire coil.

Step 3

Install top cradle so that its diagonal supports rest on the two horizontal bars of the bottom cradle – otherwise the cradles will not lock together.

Step 4

Place tension spring on centre spindle and slide compression bar into place. Insert “R” clips through compression bar and spindles and keep it parallel to the base.

Now your Waratah wire spinner is ready to use!

Weight: Three way wire spinner 20.0kg
             Double wire spinner 23.0kg


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