Blue Latch™ Posts

Blue Latch™ Post

Made in Australia from Australian steel and tested for Australian conditions, these posts are 33% stronger and 40% larger than a Jio Star post of the same length.  


  • The larger profile of this post provides additional ground holding capabilities, is more resistant to movement and has strength to withstand high impact loads. They have the toughness to resist fracturing under stress and the flexibility to allow restraightening if deformed from significant force.
  • These hot dipped galvanized coated posts (min 600g/m2 zinc coverage) in combination with the Waratah Longlife Blue®  spring wire latches elimilates the possibility of dissimilar metals corrosion.
  • The top of each post has been designed with a barb slot, ensuring fence design flexability and solves the problem of latch crushing during post driving.
  • The posts use a spring latch which keeps the latch closed and the fence wire securely attached.
  • This innovative design saves significant installation time as tie wire or clips are not needed. Simply position the fence wire into the latch. 

Available in 210cm, 225cm and 240cm lengths.
In packs of 100 loose posts


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