Blue Latch™ Posts

Blue Latch™ Star® Post

Made in Australia from Australian steel and tested for Australian conditions, these posts provide reliable and consistent performance.



  • They have the strength to withstand higher impact loads, the toughness to resist fracturing under stress and the flexibility to allow restraightening if deformed from significant force.
  • These hot dipped galvanized coated posts (min 600g/m2 zinc coverage) in combination with the Waratah Longlife Blue®  spring wire latches elimilates the possibility of dissimilar metals corrosion.
  • The coated latches provide maximum corrosion protection when in contact with the fence wire, and no sharp edges which can damage the fence wire coating. 
  • The spring latch design keeps the latch closed and the fence wire securely attached.
  • The top of each Blue Latch Star® Post has been designed with a barb slot, ensuring fence design flexability and solves the problem of latch crushing during post driving.
  • The post has 5 slots to suit a number of different fence configurations and situations.
  • This unique design allows for quicker installation of the fence with a manual post driver and with minimal use of tie wire and clip. Just position the fence wire into the latch.

Available in 165cm and 180cm lengths.


Blue Latch Star® Post 165cm 3.15kg 
Blue Latch Star® Post 180cm 3.46kg



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