Jio® Posts

Jio® MaxY® Post

Twice as strong and double the profile of the Jio® Star® post., this is a reliable intermediate post option that improves ground holding & performance.

  • It has the strength to resist higher impact loads whilte still being easier to transport and install compared to timber, concrete and pipe.
  • Waratah® have developed the Jio® MaxY® post to be bigger, stronger, more ductile and with more attachment points than other posts.
  • The life of the post is extended with hot dipped galvanized coating (min 600g/m2) providing the best steel corrosion protection.
  • More Jio post holes improve wire alignment and while the oversize hole shape provides more attachment options than traditional Y posts with round holes. Their design flexibility allows them to line up with traditional Y post round holes.
  • Tough enough to resist fracturing under stress, yet flexible enough to allow restraightening if deformed from significant force​ these posts are quick and easy to install with a manual post driver.
  • Use with Jio wire clips for fast & secure fixing of wires and with other accessories such as ties and electrics.

Hole Comparison - Jio vs GalStar range

Post size (cm) GalStar Jio
 135  11  19
 150  14  21
 165   14  21
 180*   14  21
 210*  17  28
 240*  17  33
 270*  N/A   34 

* MaxY post only available in these sizes

Available in 180cm, 210cm, 240cm and 270cm lengths. 

Individually packed into a compact bundles of 100.

Did you know Jio MaxY Posts are fire resistant?

Click below to see the proof.

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