Prefabricated Fencing

Stockgrip® Longlife Blue® with Apron

A unique prefabricated fence. The single picket wire has a "dropper" effect, creating a stiffness in the fence, while the knot allows for some movement of both picket and horizontal wire allowing the fence to absorb impact and spread load.


  • Stockgrip Longlife Blue with Apron comes with a hinged apron attached to the bottom horizontal wire. This allows the 30cm section of apron to be laid horizontal on the ground, reducing the opportunity for animals to penetrate or dig under the fence line. Use with apron strainer Extension to allow for additional tension on the apron layout.
  • Designed to favour longer spans and suspension fence designs.
  • Each line wire has tension curves crimped into it during manufacture to allow for expansion and contraction in temperature extremes and also to resist loss of tension and permanent distortion on impact.
  • The continuous vertical picket results in less need for droppers and selvedge wires, saving time and money.
  • The Stockgrip knot allows you to follow the contour in undulating ground and space posts further apart.
  • 2.80mm top and bottom high tensile wires add strength; creating less need for selvedge wires.
  • For heavy load and high pressure situations selvedge wires are recommended. All other line wires are 2.5mm diameter.
  • Commonly used for lamb, sheep, cattle, goat and boundary fencing.
12/115/15 250 30
15/150/15 250 30

*11/90/15 = 11 line wires; 90cm fence height; 15cm picket spacing


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