Prefabricated Fencing

Stocksafe-T® Longlife Blue® with Apron

  • The range has been specifically designed to prevent animals penetrating the fence and is suited to shorter strains and closer post spacings.
  • Pre-attached to the bottom horizontal wire via a hinged knot, the 30cm apron (lap fence) is laid on the ground, reducing penetration or digging under the fence line by feral animals.
  • The apron saves on installation time and eliminates the gap between the bottom wire and the ground that appears in traditional fence designs.
  • Used in an exclusion fence design, this product can provide an effective barrier against feral animals, such as wild dogs, pigs, wallabies and kangaroos.
  • Used as an exclusion barrier for regional Aerodrome fencing.
  11/90/15 100
12/115/15 250
15/150/15 100
15/150/15 250
15/150/15 500


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