Specialised Fence Wire

Cattle Yard Strand

  • Manufactured from seven, heavy galvanized, high tensile 2.75mm wires twisted together to form an 8mm diameter strand.
  • More flexible than timber under stock pressure.
  • Can be designed to incorporate any size gate, crush or bail.
  • When combined with a turnbuckle allows tension to be adjusted at any time.
  • This high strength wire strand offers a cost effective alternative to erecting traditional timber post and rail systems. Material costs are lower, erection can be a one-man job and maintenance is reduced to a minimum when compared with other yard enclosures.

Diameter: 8.00mm
Breaking Strain: 32kN
Coil Length: 150m

Components - all components sold seperately

Component   Specification
Strand   Heavy galvanized high tensile 2.75mm
  (12 gauge) steel wires twisted to 8.00mm diameter strand
  Breaking strain 32kN
  Supplied in 50kg coils containing 150m
Turnbuckle   16mm threaded body
  7.5kN capacity
  35cm cup head bolt
  Heavy galvanized finish
Grip   Helical high tensile galvanized wire grip
  (u shaped)
  Used for attaching strand to turnbuckles at one end of a section and posts at the other



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